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  • Benefits of a ProVista™ Lawn (Homeowners)

How Homeowners Can Benefit From a Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine Lawn

“Something for Everyone.” Three simple words that sum up what’s so amazing about Scotts® ProVista™.

  • Looking for a lawn that requires less maintenance than traditional grass?
  • Do you want a lawn with unmatched beauty?
  • Are you looking for a sod that saves you money?
  • Do you want to spend more time on the lawn instead of maintaining it?
  • Want a more sustainable, premium St. Augustine lawn?

Not only does ProVista™ set a new standard for undeniably beautiful grass, but the benefits it brings to property owners are more than just having “a nice lawn.”

Low Maintenance

With a ProVista™ lawn you’ll spend less time working on it and more time enjoying it.

ProVista™ St. Augustine requires half the mowing of a “regular” St. Augustine lawn because it has been engineered to grow slowly. This resilient turfgrass also requires less general maintenance without sacrificing beauty and quality. You’ll save time and money while neighbors spend more time enviously basking in the beauty of your lawn.

Weed Control

ProVista™ starts clean and stays cleaner than other turf types.

  • Starting Clean: ProVista™ sod is grown and raised with as few weeds as possible.
  • Staying Clean: ProVista™ sod grows densely - crowding out grassy and broadleaf weeds - and can be kept clean with a wider range of weed controls.

A Sustainable Footprint

With less maintenance (mowing, trimming, edging, blowing), you're using fewer fossil fuels and in turn producing fewer emissions. And a healthy lawn helps to reduce noise pollution, trap carbon dioxide, reduce runoff, and cool the area around your home.

Healthy turf can dissipate the “heat island” effect caused by driveways and sidewalks. Full, healthy lawns can be up to 31 degrees cooler than asphalt and 20 degrees cooler than bare soil.

Your Time

How does this sentence end for you -  If I had more time I would……?

  • Spend it with family
  • Catch up with friends
  • Pick up a hobby
  • Finish that home improvement project

Because it takes less time to maintain, when you add ProVista™ grass to your property, you’re a step closer to doing the things you really want to do.

Brilliant Beauty

ProVista™ grows densely, producing a lush, deep green that grows uniformly in sun and shade to deliver instant beauty to any property.  The result - a beautiful, manicured lawn or, in simpler terms, a “Wow.”

When it comes to what turf can be, this premium sod from America's Turfgrass Experts has changed the landscape.

+50% less mowing in a 14-day summer cycle is needed vs conventional St. Augustine Floratam lawns.

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