• We start by learning your needs. Understanding your goals. Then we’ll show you how our turfgrass creates smart yards with half the mowing1 that both your landscape teams and home buyers will love.
  • From there, we’ll invite you to experience Scotts® ProVista™ firsthand with a visit to one of our growing or research locations.
  • Next, we’ll need your help deciding the pilot location for your build project. With your approval, we can scale and coordinate delivery of our premium turf.
  • Then, we’ll power up your marketing and sales outreach, supporting you with collateral, messages and strategies to showcase the beauty and easy care of Scotts® ProVista™ to your home buyers.
  • Finally, we support your landscape pros with guides for easy installation, care, and maintenance. And we have the expert tools and knowledge for your home buyers to keep their turf looking incredible all on their own.

1 +50% less mowing in a 14-day summer cycle is needed vs conventional “Floratam” St. Augustinegrass or conventional Kentucky Bluegrass.

2 Landscape budget percentages based on Scotts proprietary market research., based on an estimated $80-200 cost per acre to mow.