Easy care for enduring enjoyment

We’ve made it simple to keep your grass healthy and gorgeous. Our scientists spent nearly two decades perfecting slow growing turfgrass with complete weed control for beautiful, low-maintenance lawns.

The ABCs of DIY Lawn Care

Learn how to maintain and care for your lawn with guidance from America's Turfgrass Experts.

Watering Your Lawn

  • Ensure that the turf is getting adequate moisture by watering at least twice a day for the first two weeks.
  • Your goal is to keep the soil surface moist without overwatering, so check on it frequently and dial it down if it’s looking too wet out there.
  • During the summer, it's ideal to water in the morning between 6 and 10 a.m. when it's coolest.

Feeding Your Lawn

  • Regular feedings provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs for optimal growth.
  • At the 1-month mark, you can begin to feed your ScottsⓇ ProVista™ lawn. Use a product that’s appropriate for the season and is labeled safe for St. Augustinegrass.

Controlling Weeds & Pests

Weeds can crowd out healthy grass, depriving nutrients from the rest of the lawn. And pests, like grubs and chinch bugs, can cause brown spots or dead patches.

Get your turfgrass off to the right start by applying products that control pests and weeds, but are suitable to use on lawns. Always be sure to follow the label directions for the best results. Or, call in your lawn care professional so they can give your new sod an essential pest and weed prevention treatment.

Personalized Lawn Care Plans

The Scotts Lawn Care Program is the easiest way to grow a thicker, greener lawn with deeper roots and fewer weeds. Tell us about your lawn and we'll create a plan to keep it looking beautiful.

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