Have a Premium Landscape with Significantly Less Labor and Cost.

An innovative solution delivering beautiful turf with complete weed control and half the mowing.

*Vs. Conventional St. Augustine and Conventional Kentucky Bluegrass

ProVista turf grows slower than conventional grass, saving valuable mowing time & reducing maintenance costs.

Minimal Investment
For a marginal premium, you can significantly reduce mowing time and cost.
Maximum Value
Increase profits by reducing labor expenses with 50% less mowing.
Superior Performance
Easily combat unsightly weeds while having a lush, green lawn.

Reduce Your Largest Cost While Achieving Superior Results

*Labor is the most significant issue preventing landscapers from growing and making a profit.
ProVista enables landscapers to deliver a premium landscape with significantly less labor and cost.

Typical Share of Spending

Fert & Weed Control
Other Maintenance

*Based on Scotts Proprietary Market Research.

Experience a Dramatic Savings in Maintenance Cost

Imagine what your bottom line would look like with 50% less mowing next season.

50% Less Mowing
= $1,800 savings per acre/year*

*based on estimated $80-$200 cost per acre to mow

Conventional 'Floratam'100%
Mow Graph

Average mows per 12-month season for St. Augustinegrass

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✓ St. Augustine
✓ Kentucky Bluegrass
✓ Reduced Mowing
✓ Stays Green
✓ Increased Profitability
✓ Sustainable
✓ Landscapers
✓ Developers
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