Ultimate Beauty

With ProVista™ turf you can expect a lush, dense, deep green lawn with fewer weeds. Whether you are using our St. Augustinegrass or Kentucky Bluegrass, your lawn will be the showcase of your property, adding both beauty and value. To see it yourself, contact a grower today.

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Weed Control

It’s science — ProVista™ was bred for weed control. ProVista™ grows dense to naturally crowd out weeds. Plus, it’s engineered to tolerate a broader range of weed control products, allowing you to control a broader range of weeds than traditional turfs. This winning combination allows growers to deliver a more weed-free sod, and owners to keep it that way for years to come.

Your Old Untreated Turf
Your New Provista™ Turf


Thick, healthy lawns reduce runoff and absorb carbon dioxide from the air. A ProVista™ lawn goes even further – requiring less mowing, fertilizer and weed control treatments than conventional turf.

Less Mowing

ProVista™ is engineered to be slow growing for less mowing. Check out the comparison below which shows two weeks of ProVista™ growth vs. conventional Kentucky Bluegrass.

Standard Turf
Provista™ Turf

Smart Investment

Trying to cut down on maintenance expenses for your commercial property? ProVista™ is well worth the investment because you’ll get a beautiful lawn with less mowing, fertilizer, and herbicide. Save up to $1500 per acre per year on mowing alone*.

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